Advice for 2021: Maybe Spend More.

2020, for all intents and purposes, was a dumpster fire. A horrible year for human health and wellbeing but on the positive side, a remarkable year in terms of our resilience as a society.

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Recessions are like stubbed toes: they hurt.

It’s dark. You’ve woken up in the middle of the night to either use the bathroom, grab a midnight snack, or answer to your crying child.

The path to your objective is clear. You know where the doorframe is. You know roughly how many steps it will take to get to your destination. But like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, you smack your toe on something.

The feeling of pain is immediate. You probably do a few things: cry out in pain. Then curse. Then maybe curse a bit more. Grab your toe. Question if it’s broken. Believe in this very moment that you are a failure and that no matter how adult you feel, you can’t even get this simple task right of walking unimpeded to your destination.

Then with time, that feeling of pain and self-doubt starts to go away. You get feeling back in your toe. Maybe you did break it. Maybe it’s just going to be a horrible bruise. In either case: you’ll live.

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Where have you been? Did you die? (And what happened in 2019…)

I last sat at this desk, pumping out a blog about my spending, seeking some odd validation of how good I was at saving money. After I published that post, I sat back, exhausted. Was this blog making me happy? Do people even care?

I know some of you do. I’ve received kind messages since I self-instituted a cone of silence. People asking when I would post again, or if I had died. So no, I am not dead, I am still here.

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We Bought a House (Almost)

Should you buy a house

I’ve been so positively anti-home ownership for the longest time. I write about how it’s a thing your parents tell you to do with no understanding of today’s reality orĀ how I’d rather buy a good mattress instead. I’m so anti-house, I laugh at those spending hundreds of thousands on dinky properties within the city.

Until I fell for one.

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